The Restoration Project

The Stamford Canal Society has been set up to provide reasons for the investment in time and effort to restore England's oldest canal (as much as possible). See its map here

After giving an IWA presentation on the Stamford Canal I was informed of a recent need for water storage in a new South Lincs Reservoir near Spalding. More can be seen in this IWA page. This has given a golden opportunity for a scheme that could provide both water transfer and recreational use. A zoom presentation was made to all those interested in the project on 16th December 2020. The PDF version has been circulated to all parish and town councils. A Power-point presentation is also  available.

This IWA video explains a lot about why the government and other organisations are looking into this matter and also gives a passing reference to the desire to link the national waterways to Stamford via Market Deeping. This Lincs IWA article explains the benefits of water transfer using  our local waterways rather than pipes. Since then further discussions have taken place and a draft proposal was made by Ken Otter (since revised).

The latest proposal is expanded in  the various links under The Project above.


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