Copthill to Tallington

New locks and an access bridge would be needed at the rear of Copthill School before the route continued to the rear of Copthill Farm where a diversion from the original route should be taken for several reasons. The bend to the road at lock 4 was to facilitate toll taking on both the turnpike road and the canal by one person. The route alongside the main road would need to be rebuilt completely as the road encroaches along its length as was seen when the strawberry lay-by was built.

The two new houses at the entrance to Tallington are the major obstacles on the canal’s route, being the only overbuild in its whole length so a diversion would be required to get round them both.. Keeping the new route alongside the river assists that and saves having to modify field entrances for farm vehicles.

If the restoration of the Stamford Canal was to take place then there would be opportunities for at least two marinas; a one/two night stay transit marina with a minimum of facilities (as part of a Stamford Park & Ride scheme?) A field here would provide that opportunity.

A revised proposal for the first of these is available as a draft Powerpoint presentation here.


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