As you have got this far you have at least got started on the journey!
Because this website is going to be all things to all persons, it has got a unique structure, for both general presentations AND in-depth learning!

The main headings on the menu on the left give a broad idea of what is available but then things get a lot different to how other websites work!

As the General Structure page link below shows, each initial text screen of information may have an associated plan view below. Where arrows are shown at the bottom of a page, you can click down or up and then sideways to go from page to page - EITHER in text form OR in Plan View form. This is the default ‘presentation’ mode.

If there is more information, then the    More   link is displayed and pages can go into page down mode to read about that subject in greater detail.

On all those pages where there is a   < Back   button displayed at the top left or bottom centre, then clicking it goes back to the previous page.

       See the     Website Plan     or its    General Structure        .

The Stamford Canal Website Help Page

 The Stamford Canal << The earliest proper canal in England? <<