Welcome to the Sarasotas Club website

The fact that you have found it means you are, or were, an owner of a Suntor


28/09/2020 Updates:  Members/Gav Drayton/Photos

27/09/2020 Updates:  Models, Register, Members, Support - rubber trims, fridge hinges, water pump

This website hopes to get as much information about Sarasotas in one place for the benefit of current and future owners as soon as possible!

The History page will have the reason why the Sarasota model came - and went!

The Models page will have info on the two basic models, 4 and 6 berths.

The Register will keep a list of the current (and original?) registration numbers.

This will help us all not only locate owners we may go near on our travels but also keep an eye out for vehicles if they go missing (or haven't registered yet!)!

The Members page has a list of the members registered via Sarasotas R us.

Every member can then have their own pages with photos - past and present. Plus details of trips made, recommendations of camp sites, repair companies, insurance etc.

The Support page has manuals, modifications made, guides and FAQ’s.

The Contacts page gives details of who to contact when support is required.

(Please complete your details ASAP via the Contacts page)