We hope to have a list of contacts here to help with your needs.

Obviously a quick request on Facebook will get you a response but we hope to have people willing to give regular advice on specific problems, in time.

Meanwhile to get the main section up-to-date, please send your names, postcodes, past and present registration numbers and either 4 or 6 berth to me for publication.

Please remember this website is only mentioned on the private Facebook page of Sarasotas R us, so you shouldn't get pestered by anyone who isn’t in the club.

For the Register, I will want 4 photos - front, back and both sides; plus top - if any mods done up there! Obviously this will help with security in case any vehicle gets stolen - we can all keep an eye out knowing what it looks like! In case anyone thinks they are all the same - they aren't! There were subtle differences over the year or two they were built!

You all now have your own member pages to show internal mods, holiday photos and anything else Sarasota related! Enjoy!!

Ken Otter, updates@sarasotas.club