This section covers the water system.

Water Pump

The original water pump fitted was a PosiFlo 7Litre 20psi unit which isn’t now available. IF you do have to replace it the ShurFlo unit is an almost direct replacement but most stockists only keep the 10Litre 30psi units in stock at £75 - so get used to a better flow or turn the adjuster down on the top before fitting! The ShurFlo 7/20 version is available online at about £48

There are a few things you can do to keep the system working well.

Before draining the system in cold weather, check the water filter is clean then put a sterilising powder or fluid in the tank and then turn all the taps on including the external shower unit to flush the pipes. Leave the taps open in freezing weather. Repeat the sterilising process before the season starts and check the filter regularly.

If you do have lack of flow problems then the most likely cause is air in the system especially if the pump continues running. Removing the shower head and sucking the air out is the first tip followed by doing the same to the external shower unit.

If you do find a thin green sludge in the filter then it might have got into the pump as well as the picture below shows. You will have to remove the pump to dis-assemble it to clean both ends of the pressure section which ensures the pump switches off properly. Then reassemble the pump body tightly before putting it back in. Do not overtighten the plastic pipe nuts.

Try the pump again, if it runs ok and stops ok, great. However, they did only have a 3 year guarantee and mine was spitting even after a good clean which showed one of the 3 pump valves was faulty so I had to change it in the end.

If you do have to replace the pump with a ShurFlo unit beware the outlet pipe supplied is larger than the original so try to use the original connector if possible. Otherwise use hot water to expand the pipe and push it on carefully. Again - do not overtighten when fitting.





Location of filter

The similar units

The main difference




Green gunge inside

Gunge cleaned out

Gunge in the top of the

the pump body


Pressure unit microswitch