Who are we

The Uffington Bee Cooperative      


We are a not for profit community organisation with the following objectives

To maintain, develop and promote a sustainable apiary in Uffington.
(An apiary is a location where beehives of honey bees are kept)

Engage the Uffington community in beekeeping and the health and wellbeing benefits this brings

Contribute towards arresting the decline in the local bee population

Invest any financial surplus into the above activities

The organisation was formed in June 2020 by four founding members, each making a financial contribution to the cooperative. The group is responsible for managing the apiary, delivering the above objectives and planning for a sustainable future . Please join us.

They are:

   Adrian Morrell    the.a.morrells@btinternet.com      07747 016651
   Ron Smith         Ronald.c.smith@btinternet.com     07739 708802
   Paul Earley        paulearley4@gmail.com                07572 063665
   Kate Genever    kate.genever@network.rca.ac.uk   07713647715