Please join us

The Uffington Bee Cooperative      


Why not join us and help us achieve our goals.

You can get involved in many ways:

Bee delicious - Support the apiary by eating our delicious product. 5 a jar. Place your order with one of us and we will happily deliver when ready.

See a Bee - Free viewing visits on set dates. Bookable places will be made available later in the year. Suits and gloves will be provided.

Help a Bee - For 5 this option enables you to work with a limited number of others and a trained keeper to open and explore the inner workings of a hive. You will be able to smoke the bees, remove frames, look for the Queen and consider the next steps needed to support the bees Uffington Honey will be available for sale

Bee a member - For 20 this yearly membership will support the apiary's ongoing costs and enable you to be involved as little or as much as you'd like. You could undertake hive inspections, harvest honey and become a bee keeper

Bee a sponsor - For 25 a year sponsor one of the Hives and support us from afar. An ideal birthday or Christmas present?

Bee seen - In one of our T shirts with our bee logo on. All sizes including kids will be available


See who we are and how to contact us here...