2022 Festival

Dog Show

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The inaugural Dog Show was a resounding success and will certainly be repeated next year.

Thank you to all the dog owners and participants - it was a great spectacle!

The results are shown below.


2022 DogShow (1)

2022 DogShow (2)

2022 DogShow (3)

1st Fizzy



And the winners were...

Small dog category
First place Naomi with Wally
Second place Caroline with Stanley
Third place Summer with Puggly

Medium dog category
First place Richard with Fizzy
Second place Claire with Marlow
Third place Dylan with Dottie

Large dog category
First place Rachael with Bruno
Second place Rufus with Denby
Third place Emma with Rocky

Puppy category
First place Jane with Biddy
Second place Jeremy with Luca
Third place Alan with Poppy

Golden oldie category
First place Tabatha with Girtie
Second place Spencer (sorry no human name taken)
Third place Sue with Roxy

Waggiest tail category
First place Laura with Alfie
Second place Adam and Jade with Ziggy
Third place Mike with Max

Best children’s handler category
First place Delphine with Woody
Second place Amelia with Bentley
Third place Isabelle with Flynn

Best Paw Shaker category
First place Anna with Peanut
Second place Josh with Lola
Third place Lucy with Baxter

Dog that looks most like its owner category
First place Yvonne with Copper
Second place Rachael with Freya
Third place Alan with Poppy

Fancy dress dog and owner category
First place Kate with Gen
Second place Emma with Rocky
Third place Heber with Spencer



Dog show