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Views from all over the Scarecrow Adventure

We hope you enjoyed your 2019 May Bank Holiday with us.

The photos should give a reminder of the views over the two day’s events.

A huge thank you to those who attended and paid for quiz sheets and parking. All of the money raised helps village groups and upkeep of the church.

Many thanks to all of our helpers who made everything flow so well.

2019 Vw 01

2019 Vw 19

2019 Vw 07

2019 Vw 08

2019 Vw 02

2019 Vw 03

2019 Vw 09

2019 Vw 12

2019 Vw 05

2019 Vw 04

2019 Vw 20

2019 Vw 21

2019 Vw 10

2019 Vw 22

2019 Vw 16

2019 Vw 15

2019 Vw 14

2019 Vw 18

2019 Vw 17

2019 Vw 13

With a huge thanks to the staff out in all weathers directing traffic and manning the car parks over the two days. Not to forget those who set up the event and had to spend hours getting things back to normal!

We ALL say NEVER AGAIN after the event!

But that has gone on for years and we are still here!

Improving the Uffington Scarecrow Adventure for YOU...

Thanks for coming.


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