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Tues. twice monthly 2:00pm

Chris Gardiner

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New members should contact the leader to confirm when and where the group will meet next.
If the Joining List is Open you may join, otherwise your name may need to go on a waiting list.


Experienced book binders and beginners get together to share skills to restore, repair and rebind treasured books. In past sessions we have turned paperbacks into hardbacks, made notebooks from scratch and created miniature books.

If you would like to learn a new skill, why not join us  in repairing and restoring your old books that have seen better days?  Chris, our leader, patiently gives advice and guidance, teaching us  individually and sometimes through a demonstration. 

He will advise you  on getting some standard tools, such as a craft knife, cutting board and small brushes and will supply glue and cover materials.

We meet on  Tuesday afternoons, twice a month in Uffington Village Hall, with a  cuppa and chat halfway through. It's very satisfying to restore an old  book into one looking new again.

Contact Chris Gardiner for details.

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