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Activities and Clubs in the Village Hall

These groups are currently having meetings in the village hall.

Yoga, Family Yoga,

 Movement to Music,

Crystal and Meditation,

Starlight Dance,  Hip Hop classes,

Pop-Up Cinema

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 Hall Diary
Thursday 6 May the hall will be a Polling Station for the election of Police and Crime Commissioner
It looks like Laura’s yoga will remain on zoom. Tai Chi class to   reconsider after 2nd vaccinations.
If you would like to book the hall, garden , start a new activity or join a class in accordance with the current guidelines please contact Vanessa Kimberley 01780 239463 or hallbookings@uffington.org

Monday  4:15-5pm Starting back 12th April 2021
Due to social distancing only 8 spaces available.
Hip Hop/Street Dance. Ages 6 +
Poppy Brewster – Book via message and phone call  07712728774
4.50 per class  Pay as you go or termly. All year round ,with the exception of 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks in the summer holidays

Tuesday  6pm -7pm Starting  back 18th May 2021
Nicky’s Swans
A Fun and Energetic workout of ballet, jazz and contemporary styles for adults Contact- nicolamorris66@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday 10am - 11am Starting back 18th May 2021
Movement to Music
Contact: Sue on 07709322555 or email yarlsue@btinternet.com
5.00 per session (come along and try; first session free) Limited places.
For the Active Retired (or anybody who's spent the last year sat on their bottom )

Wednesday after school
16:00 – 16:45 Allstars 3-5 years 5
16:45 – 17:45 StarlightKids! 6-11 years 5.50
17:45 – 18:45 Junior Dance Company 12-18 years 5.50
Starlight  Dance and Musical Theatre School Stamford
Starting back 14th April All classes are free in April for new starters, First week FREE! No termly fees!
Now enrolling. Contact 01536 601545 or email admin@starlightdance.net or message us through our Facebook page Starlight Stamford

Thursday 9:30-10am Start back on 15 th April
Uffington Tots
Poppy Brewster- 07712728774
 Aged 0 – 5. 4 per class. Pay as you go Book via message or phone call. Space for only 5 adults and 5 children, term time only.

The Garden Produce Show will be held on 22August, now is the perfect time to sew and grow. There will be competition for the biggest sunflower. Contact Amy 07906 367925

From the Archive

Anyone with a garden in Uffington will know that the village is built on a bedrock of clay. What many may not know is that there was a brickyard on Casewick Lane in the 19th century, which supplied clay to Blashfield's terracotta factory in Stamford, the blue grey colour of the raw material  transforming to a bright orange when fired in a kiln.

During last year's Covid-19 lockdown, Uffington resident Pam Orme utilized the clay to create a simple pot, employing techniques used in an Early Neolithic bowl found in the village during an archaeological survey in 1991.

Pam Orme Potter

The process involved rolling the clay and coiling it on a circular base, smoothing the joins and giving the vessel a S-shaped profile with a wide mouth and rolled-over rim. A wooden tool and a stone were used to finish and decorate the outer surface of the body of the pot and fingerprint impressions were added on the rim.

Neolithic Pot Pam Orme v2

To further emphasise its local connection, the base was inscribed with a heart logo, which was the brandmark for Uffington animals grazed on Deeping Common in the Middle Ages. The end result was left to dry for several weeks before being fired in a kiln at 700 degrees centigrade.

Clay pot Pam Orme v2

The pot will go on display in the Village Hall.