About this website

The new graphic based local websites now have many more pages, including free pages for groups & links to local businesses.

 This is a general site for information about the whole village.
It will have lots of local information and be updated regularly.
(if & whenever possible!)

Site created by Ken Otter on 10/7/2006 and redesigned on 16/3/2008, using web-space donated by
CBA Technical Services. Authored & edited by Ken Otter

Revamped 2019 with assistance from Vanessa Kimberley

Please email updates & comments to editor@uffington.org

The Small Print! This website is provided and maintained free as a service to the local communities by Ken Otter (of Tallington).
The information supplied has been collected from various sources and is in the public domain. All views expressed where not expressly defined are his personal views and not necessarily those of others named elsewhere on this website.
For Data Registration purposes he would be the named contact person. No personal information is stored on this site that could comply with ANY database management system as defined by the Data Protection Act.

Telephone numbers if or where shown are for primary contacts only and the majority have been contacted and permission gained to use them. Anyone wanting their name and/or number removed or added may contact me at this email address: editor@uffington.org or by letter to
The Editor, Uffington.org c/o The Meadows, Church Lane, Tallington, Stamford Lincs PE9 4RU