2019 Sunday

The start of the 2019 Scarecrow Adventure!

The preparations were all complete, the weather wasn’t as bad as expected and the crowds turned out in large numbers! Mums, dads and children all made the most of the events laid on and joined in enthusiastically!

Many classic cars came on Sunday. To see them, click on the photo below.

2019 S 00

Thank you for visiting the website and, if you didn’t come to the Bank Holiday weekend this year, perhaps we will see you next year - that is IF we can get the strength (and the marvellous volunteers!) to do it again!

Now enjoy the photos as a reminder of the event.

The highlight of the day was a flypast by a Spitfire!

However - this was a video of a Lancaster from a previous year.
Click on the photo to recreate the sight and sounds!
 Don’t forget to turn the sound up for the best experience!