Welcome to Uffington in Lincolnshire
There are at least two others  in Oxfordshire and near Shrewsbury
But WE are the one with the fantastic Scarecrow Festival normally held on the early May weekend, as well as various other events.


Uffington Illustration Karen Neale

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We are excited to announce that the sketch of Uffington by Stamford Artist Karen Neale has now been completed and details of how you can buy a copy are on a flyer. Click on it for a bigger picture.


This website was last updated on March 28th 2021.

Please return regularly to get up-to-date information..

In the current  situation there is no way we can hold our Scarecrow Event again this  year. Hopefully we will be able to bring people together again in 2022  and the committee look forward to holding our planning meetings later in the year.

See Scarecrow 2019 photos here &   Flower Festivals here!


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175 Club
The March draw of the 175 Club took place on Mothering Sunday . The results : 20 112 Paul Earley; 10 8 Anita Hassall; 5 117 C   Williamson ; 5 22 Phil Archer. Easter Sunday will see the April draw.
Well done to all & thank you again to Neil & Susan for doing the admin.

The village hall has given the go ahead funding for a podcast initiative. Neil Jones in discussion with Rob Persani is obtaining the necessary digital recording equipment. Neil is planning to interview characters from the village, to get them to share their stories, which will be available both as a podcast and part of the village archive.
More details will be in the next issue of T & S but in the meantime if you’d like to be interviewed or nominate someone, please contact Neil on: Neiljones37@outlook.com

Do you have a project you’d like to get off the ground? Read the Hey Uffington info below