Welcome to Uffington in Lincolnshire
There are at least two others  in Oxfordshire and near Shrewsbury
But WE are the one with the fantastic Scarecrow Festival normally held on the early May weekend, as well as various other events.

See the 2020 Produce Show results click here.


The Francis Challenge cup went to the Twinley family of Main Rd, Uffington.

Have you seen the Uffington Covid-19 Snake?  It is now at the Village Hall.  Click here to see how it grew!!

If you are bored and would like to do some purposeful exercise you can help tidy up the churchyard. Covid 19, Health & Safety and Nature guidance given. Contact Vanessa Kimberley. hallbookings@uffington.org  There's heaps to do.

This website was last updated on October 26th 2020.  Please return regularly to get up-to-date information.

See the Make a Fake Competition winners here.

See Scarecrow 2019 photos here &   Flower Festivals here!


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Congratulations to the winners of the UVH 175 club, drawn on 25 July 2020.

20 to Roberta Richardson 25,  10 Nick Kimberley 2

5 Anita Hassall 8,  5 Kim Cozens 142

The next draw will be made at the Garden Produce Show on August 23rd.

Thanks again to everyone who supports the village hall in this way.


Please click on the poster to find out more!



Thank you to Chris Dawney of Uffington for making these  bespoke recycling bins. Designed to encourage recycling at Scarecrows  and other local events.

Cdengineeringltd.co.uk ( the Spalding one)