After crossing the fields alongside the Stamford road, the canal approached Tallington, passing the rear of the Crooked Billett alehouse. This was one of the few places that the workers on the canal could get a drink!

Lock 5, Tallington Village, was just a short distance away, lowering the water level so that the canal could cross the Bainton Road. A sluice above the lock diverted excess water away to the river while a barge board Flash Lock below helped hold back the water to allow road traffic to pass.

On the Millennium Green, a turning circle was found. Actually a triangle, it helped turn coal barges to unload at the local coal wharf.

Lock 6, east of Tallington on Horse Holmes field, is now under the East Coast Main Line railway! The railway bends here to go round the low end of the lock. There was joint working with the railway for 10 years at the crane siding



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