After going under the Barnack Rd bridge the canal went past a boat house.

As this was the closest point to a road to both Uffington and Barnack it isn’t unreasonable to expect that some transfer of goods took place here especially coal for Uffington and Barnack

Locks 2 and 3, Copthill Farm West & East, were quite close together with a small bridge between them to allow cattle to get to the river.

Sluices were needed to divert water back to the river below when all of the gates were closed and at least one has been found still in-situ.

Carrying straight on until the hillside swung to the north and the river to the south, the canal went with north to the main road and then turned east to go down Lock 4, Copthill Turnpike where tolls from both barges and road traffic were taken!



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