These websites have been researched and any relevant information or pictures gathered together in one place to save you having to search for it.

If there are any copyright issues anyone wishes to raise, please get in touch. Acknowledgments will be given to all authors.

In order of searching, the following websites have been found with text and/or pictures which either confirm or add to the overall history of the canal. The Revolvy site mainly confirms previous Wiki information but is not currently as good.

It is obvious that many authors have used the same original information but it is generally being left for you to look at - either here with a few improvements or ‘as is’ on the original sites which were:-

The Deepings Heritage Society, West Deeping Heritage Group, Wikipedia, East Anglian Waterways Association, Lincs to the Past, Engineering Timeline, Great North Road, National Archives, Madehow, Revolvy and Leicester University.

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