The Auctioning of the Stamford Canal  

An advert was placed in the Stamford and Rutland Mercury in 1865


At the Town hall in Stamford, on Monday the 10th day of April 1865, at Two for Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, by direction of the Corporation of Stamford, with the approbation of the Lords commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury, and subject to the conditions of sale to be then produced, in the following or such other lots as shall then be agreed upon ALL that FREEHOLD CANAL or NEW CUT, extending from the parish of SAINT GEORGE in STAMFORD to the TONGUE END at MARKET DEEPING, forming valuable Building Ground and acquisitions to the Estates through which the same passes, together with the Towing Paths, Banks, and Timber standing thereon, Locks and Lock Gates. Also all that Piece of FREEHOLD LAND, situate between the Low Lock and the River Welland, in the parish of Deeping Saint James. (The lots were then listed - see below) A Plan, showing the different lots, may be seen and further particulars obtained on application to the Auctioneers, Barn Hill, Stamford; or at my Office (Map not found!)

JAMES ATTER, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Stamford. March 17th 1865

However, protests at the initial sale stopped it taking place.

Eventually, on 24th December 1868, a new sale was announced and a list of  landowners along the canal was published. Most of the lots failed to be  sold.

 Lot numbers .


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